Hello 👋 I'm Michal.

Artist, Catalyst and Sailor ⛵️.

Also: a Shapeshifting Racoon 🦝.

I like documenting stuff ☀️

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Art 🎩

Moments of Connection

Beautiful moments wrapped in words.

Click on the picture that resonates with you and it will take you to the story.

Film & Video

Between Fire and Water

Video Diary, 2017

Tegu Meluoja

Music Video, 2013

The Adventures Of Cai Lear
& Jay Vatra Vol.2

Juggling Video, 2013

Green With Orange

Short Documentary, 2015

Genialni Sprzedawcy (Salesmen of Genious)

Performance / Documentary, 2011


Performance / Documentary, 2017

Performance, Installation, Interactive Theatre


Performance by Austeja Liupševičiūtė and Michal Korzonek

Açores Entre Mares Festival, Lajes do Pico 2021


Immersive learning experience / performance

Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh 2016


Interactive theatre / performance

The Community Space, Edinburgh 2015

Radio Ion

Interactive theatre / performance

Edinburgh 2015

We Meet Again, Doctor

Installation by Andy McIntosh and Michal Korzonek

Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh


Interactive installation: A party where a roll of 20-sided dice determines your next action.

Casa del Cine, Edinburgh 2012

Do You Like Blue?

Interactive party installation

Casa del Cine, Edinburgh 2012

Magic Spells

Interactive party installation

Krakow 2011

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Let's Do Some Relational Thinking Together! 💡

If you need a thinking buddy / a coach / a consultant – I'm available to talk.

I can help you with:
Designing Magical WorkshopsPersonal Development ExperimentsJournaling & Analogue ProductivityCommunity Weaving

Get in touch and tell me how I can help you:

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Hello There, you Wonderful Person!

I'm Michał (or Michal, if your keyboard doesn't support funky characters).

I'm a location-indepentent minimalist, passionate about intentional living, relational growth and regenerative lifestyle.

Below is a photo of me in my happy place—climbing a mast at sea:

michal on a mast photo

I Aspire To Live By The Win - Win - Win Principle

That is seeking an outcome providing a win for me, a win for the other, and a win for all beings in all my actions. That's of course easier said than done, but it's a useful guideline to help me navigate the challenges of life.

I'm Documenting The Process For Your Delight

A big part of my work revolves around documenting the process of living a beautiful life. I don't have all the answers, but I do love conducting lifestyle experiments on myself and I'm happy to share the results with you.

Let's Get Personal

I'm a performer / juggler / jester at heart. In a parallel universe I'd probably be a hacker with mad katana sword skills, but in this one I somehow ended up connecting with nature more than technology. And instead of wiggling a katana, I spend my free time engaging in various forms of playful movement – such as juggling, tapdancing and whacking a big loud drum 🥁.

You can find me and my work on various platforms:

And you can support me by becoming a Patron.

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Documentation (aka Builing in Public)

nomz logo

The White Log

Where my partner and I create notes on living a meaningful life. This is the very hub of my "building in public".

congregation map image

Microsolidarity in Pico

I'm catalyzing a community in Pico Island using the Microsolidarity framework. Here's the documentation of how it grows 🌱.

nomz logo

The Nomz

I have quite a reputation as a creator of badass vegan desserts. Here are some of them for your sensory pleasure.

nomz logo

Moonly Review 🌕🌑

Personal review of what's the most alive in me right now, aligned with the moon.

enspiral logo

Relational Growth Experiments

I'm exploring how people can relate to each other and grow together. Here's my documentation.