Selected Artwork by Michal Korzonek

This page is a complete mess. Woops. I'll be updating it gradually.

My journey with art began at one-year-old, when my mum took me to a theatre camp.

Since then, I've been involved in theatre (pretty much throughout all my life), gradually shifting from acting into directing, and from traditional theatre into interactive performance. In the meantime, I've explored film and media at university, as well as other forms of art, such as ink calligraphy, circus performance, poetry, and playwriting. I know—it's quite an eclectic mix.

Below are a few selected pieces.

Performing Arts


A promo video for Oasis—an interactive theatre performance about the dark side of the Internet addiction. [Interactive theatre, 2016]

Radio Ion

A promo video for Radio Ion—a 1:1 interactive theatre performance where the unsuspecting audience gets the hot seat of an on-air deep-dive interview with a mysterious host.



A story, enriched with photographs and poems, exploring a powerful spark of love between two humans without past or future. [Text, poetry and images, May 2017]


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She loves me intensely

A poem about Her Love. [Poetry, November 2016]


Tegu Meluoja

Tegu Meluoja is an exploratory journey into the troubled head of a woman hunted by mysterious creatures from another world. [Music video, November 2014]

Green with Orange

A journey of Scottish artist Andy McIntosh towards his first international exhibition. [Documentary and my video dissertation project at Queen Margaret University, May 2015]

Between Fire and Water

A video postcard from May 2017—when Everything changed. [Video, July 2017]

The Adventures Of Cai Lear & Jay Vatra Vol.2

Join us as we juggle through Edinburgh. [Video, May 2014]

Other Things

We’ll have to live and see, right?

Rap about understanding who we are when we are apart. There's a video of my attempt at actually rapping this one, too. [Rap, March 2017]

Reptile in Cardigan

A ridiculous experimental album recorded over one afternoon as a birthday gift for my best friend. [Music, February 2017]

KILORAPU - Pergamin Niezapisany Nam Znany Od Środka

Rap song and video recorded with my friend, known as Jabbadaiah. [Rap and video, January 2014]