What I'm up to right now.

Focus Areas for 2020

I'm totally amazed with the abundance this year has provided me with. As for the beginning of August, I'm pretty much covered for everything apart from financial freedom. With a few months to go, it's time to do some serious manifesting.

Minimalist Journaling System Course

I'm developing the Minimalist Journaling System Course at JournalSmarter. We're running our second cohort right now, and we're getting ready to launch the course again in September 2020 🚀. Join us?

Microsolidarity in Pico Island

I'm experimenting with growing a ProtoB community using the microsolidarity framework in Pico Island, Azores. We're still at the very beginning of the process 🌱. Let's see how it grows.

Onboarding into Enspiral

I'm so excited about this! Joining Enspiral has been on my mind for quite a while.

Microsolidarity Experiments

There's nothing quite like learning by doing—so I've launched a few pods to experiment with developing emotional proximity in groups. I'm documenting my process in my digital journal.