Artist and facilitator, passionate about intentional living, co-development and Game B.

Hello There, you Wonderful Person!

I'm Michał (or Michal, if your keyboard doesn't support funky characters). Below is a photo of me in my happy place—climbing a mast at sea:

I create tools and experiences for personal and co-development. I'm also an artist. This website brings it all together.

More about me (if you're curious)

I'm a location-indepentent minimalist, passionate about intentional living, co-development (as in: doing personal development together) and Game B. I'm a performer / juggler / jester at heart. In a parallel universe I'd probably be a hacker with mad katana sword skills, but in this one I somehow ended up connecting with nature more than tech. And instead of wiggling a katana, I spend my free time engaging in various forms of playful movement.

Juggling My Mind in Public

Here's where I create in public in a funky newsletter-ish sort of way. If you want to hear from me every sometime, that's the best place:

Love and Light ☀️ Michał