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Michał Korzonek
currently based in Pico island, Azores


Current Goal

Long Term Goal

My long term goal is to sail between regenerative projects and host experiences at sea. The journey starts with connecting my forest home in Pico (Azores) and Traditional Dream Factory in Mainland Portugal. What’s next?

I am looking to expand my offshore sailing experience, particularly in passage planning, navigation, difficult weather conditions and yacht maintenance.


Sailing is my medicine, and it’s when I feel the most alive. You might find me singing shanties madly in a pouring rain, and then to delight you with a delicious dessert when you least expect it.

Professionally, I create events (gatherings, workshops, performances, courses…) and write stories. Some are decent. I seem to be very good at bringing people together, holding space and catalysing the energy in the room to co-create magic together. Here’s where I focus at the moment.

I’m high vibe, positive, and proactive. I love heart-to-heart conversations and give memorable hugs (bold statement, I know). I like to travel light - less than 80l.


In other words, good catch 💜

Sailing Experience & Certificates

Log: 2231 NM / 533h at sea + Regattas

Sailing Experience: