The Cabin

(I couldn’t help myself… I had to begin with quoting The Cabin by Ylvis).

Let me take you to my favourite place, just a five hours drive from a city.

Pico Road

Just follow the road until it stops, and then walk for another forty minutes.


And then, out of nowhere, there it is - my Cabin

The Cabin from behind

Michal inside the Cabin

I lived in many homes and this one was my favourite - a tiny wooden cabin in the middle of a beautiful forest, with a window into the Ocean.

View from the Cabin

(tweet with drone video flying though that view)

I was given an opportunity to live here and customise the insides to fit my lifestyle. Wood is a perfect canvas. Over a few months the Cabin transformed into a powerful creativity boosting power place, and a blueprint for my future Home.


Empty Cabin


Inside the Cabin

Technical Info

Inside Area: 3x3m2
Approx build cost: €3500 (a while ago)
Electricity & water from the grid (for now)
Not insulated (although I spent 2 winters there and it was fine)
Roof: Double tin with foam

Blueprint design:

Cabin Blueprint

Would you like a tour?

Here’s a youtube video where I’ll show you around.


A wise man once said that it takes three houses to build a perfect one. While I haven’t built the cabin myself (I only helped a bit with finishing and did some interior improvements), it gives me a great starting point for creating my first home, whenever the time for it comes.

A few improvements I’d consider doing with the cabin design:

Deep Work Retreat

I’m on a quest to raise funds for a community land in Pico, with a forest, a community space and a few cabins serving as a deep work / creative / personal regeneration retreat centre.

If you’d like to help to make this dream a reality, have a look at this project brief. You can also support me directly via Patreon or michalroots.eth.


First look at the Cabin: Cabin closed

View from the forest: Cabin view

View from the top: Cabin view from above

Kitchen corner: Cabin kitchen

Desk space at night: Cabin Desk

And final iteration of the workspace: Cabin Workspace

Whiteboard space: Cabin whiteboard

Functional corner: Cabin tools and stuff

The altar with Kiki: Cabin Altar

Roof support structure: Cabin Roof

Desk I built: Cabin Desk

My true form: Cabin Michal Builds stuff

Twitter Thread 🐦

It was a fun mini documentation article, wasn’t it? You can find more

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