Enspiral Europe Connection Experiment (Online Gathering)


We live in times of great uncertainty. An Enspiral Europe in-person gathering might happen soon, but nothing is for sure. Let’s take advantage of the uncertainty, and do what is possible right now.

You are warmly invited to a 4-day experiment from Thursday 17 June till Sunday 20 June. We’ll connect across Europe, from our homes, or (why not?) during a walk or anything else you’d like to do. Screen-poor, rich in connection.

Uncertainty will travel with us, as we’ll explore what it means to surf the waves of change. As our world goes through an unprecedented transition, many of us experience deep transformations in their lives. Let’s explore together where we are and where we want to go. Are you ready to hit the waves?

Opening session (on Zoom): Thursday 17 June 12:00-13:00 CEST Closing session (on Zoom): Sunday 20 June 12:00-13:00 CEST

What happens in between is up to you. We’ll invite you to connect with others in pairs or triads over voice calls (we will share more about how to do this during the opening session) and you’ll be able to be as present as you like and schedule your own calls according to your preference. Together we create moments of connection, sync and async, sharing our voices, pictures and emerging insights. What do you discover about Enspiral Europe, and about yourself?

Looking forward to experiment together with you, Michal, Silvia, Joriam, Brigit, An (Enspiral Europe connection workgroup)

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