The Art of Facilitation

The content might be king, but if it doesn’t make people come alive then it’s really just another thing to do.

As a facilitator my role is to catalyse aliveness and enable meaningful co-creation. Being together is precious. Let’s make it count.

Facilitation is an Art

My role is to create a space where people feel safe to play.

Through embodying full presence, modelling behaviour, and open-hearted connection, I tune the group into a harmonious super-organism encouraging co-creation of magickal moments and tangible artefacts from the place of playfulness.

Play is the ultimate flow state. And I’m all about Serious Fun.


In my work I combine over a decade of experience of facilitation in diverse contexts and multidisciplinary arts (performing, visual, narrative, and more):

I’m available to hire

If you’d like to play with me as your facilitator / consultant, I invite you to reach out 💜.

What you accomplished with the mastermind is INCREDIBLE. We always tell people how gifted you are at facilitating and keeping the energy flowing. We don’t know anyone who could’ve done what you did.”” – Laura van Wijngaarden, Liminal Village

You are my first choice when it comes to cool facilitation that can be equally fun and professional.” – Ani Anca, Traditional Dream Factory

“When we formed the Writers’ Smart Pod I did not expect that our first six weeks of Zoom meetings would be so insightful, energy-giving, and productive. You designed the program with enough flexibility to meet our particular needs and working preferences, and the right amount of structure and guidance for us to form an effective cohort to move our projects forward. This is the most valuable and satisfying working group I’ve been a part of in a long time.” – Deanna Vogt; Executive Coach

“I’ve made my year in review as always to close this year. Going through my calendar, the series of events, feelings and insights that I had, I realized how much of a great impact your work had on the positive outcome of my year. I’m slowly changing to become the person I would like to be. You gave me tools for that, by putting your heart in sharing your own life and learnings openly, as a coach, as a mentor, as a person.” – Flora Koczka, Wise

“The structure of the calls is highly effective. The facilitation brilliantly mixes different ways to participate so that whether you are creative or logical, extroverted or introverted, quick to react or slower to process, there is space for you. I find these calls so valuable that I have adapted the format to use with the group that I am mentoring.” – Cathy Hutchison, Your Visual Journal

“I am no newbie to online self-development courses, but this one definitely stood out! I loved the gradual pacing, the bite-sized implementation steps, how thorough it goes as well into looking at the deep roots of procrastination and how it all builds up step by step. The live calls were incredible! So useful and fun, I found myself looking forward to them :)” – Barbara Sianesi PhD; University College London