Gratitude Tokens

Gratitude Tokens is a collaborative game designed to catalyse expressing gratitude within a community.

Gratitude Token


Gratitude is a state of the highest vibration. Gratitude Tokens play with the cryptocurrency mechanics, by creating a physical token incentivising expressing gratitude within a community in a playful way.

Note: by now I am not really using the Gratitude Ledger as it felt to complicated in practice. It’s a beautiful piece of the game though, so I’ll keep the instructions in case you want to incorporate it or build upon it.

☀️ This game was prototyped with Bart Hoorweg at the Traditional Dream Factory.

🃏 Gratitude token has now been carrrdified.

Gratitude Token Cardified

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Gratitude Token Minting Station

Gratitude Token Ledger

Gratitude Token Ledger Cover

Below are the instructions (v1) to include in the Ledger. Feel free to modify them to fit your context. You’ll find a few ideas at the end.


  1. A Gratitude Token is a physical object serving as a catalyst to express gratitude.
  2. Give your Gratitude Token(s) to people you feel grateful for.
  3. Do not HODL your tokens! Instead Give Whenever You Can – GWYC (pronounce: QUICK)
  4. If you realise that you are HODLing Gratitude Token(s), take a moment to be grateful for all the gifts in your life and give your token(s) away to someone that deserves it.
  5. If you suspect someone is HODLing Gratitude Tokens, give them a Gratitude Token to model giving behaviour.
  6. Whenever you run out of tokens, you can mint new Gratitude Tokens at any time at your local minting station. To mint, prepare a wooden piece, draw the Gratitude Token Symbol, and add a personal mark. Next, state your Proof of Work by completing an entry in the Gratitude Token Ledger by drawing your personal mark and answer in writing why are you minting this token.

Gratitude Token Tokenomics

Ledger Records

Here are the records from our Ledger at TDF.

Gratitude Token Ledger Records

Gratitude Token Ledger Records

Introducing Gratitude Tokens

Here’s a suggested format. Tweak as necessary to fit your context.

  1. Gratitude Modeling Check-in: Pass a Gratitude Token (eg. the first one you minted during the prep) as a talking stick. When it’s your turn to speak, share with the next person what are you grateful for to them. The aim of this round is to bring everyone to the gratitude vibration, as well as model using the token.
  2. Gratitude Token Info: Share about the importance of gratitude and explain why you want to introduce this game in your community. If you have played this game before you can also share a personal story.
  3. Tokenomics: Read out the tokenomics instructions and check for clarity. If you have a “HODL ≠ GWYC” sign, then show it while explaining rule 3 - it helps people get the joke.
  4. Minting: Invite everyone to mint a token and record an entry into the ledger. Note that recording in the ledger might take a while.
  5. Next Steps: Invite the group to pass the gratitude tokens. Share the collective challenge of the game: make every token pass through as many hands as possible.
  6. Closing: Close the session with a check-out of your choice.



Link to telegram group.


Tokenomics Proposals

Have a new proposal? Submit it via our telegram group.

Proposals in the ledger

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