Context: I wrote this text while at sea (original scan at the end), a couple of days after departing from Edinburgh, which used to be my Home for seven years, and it still does feel like my hometown somehow.

Back then, I sailed into a new chapter of my life, which funny enough is now about to end with another sailing adventure taking me to whatever awaits next.

I’m in the process of recording this text as a spoken-word-music collaboration with João Moreira aka Instil. For now the pre-premiere version is available for my Patrons.


Time is gone
and along with the sea
my heart is beating
setting the tone
for discovery

I’m floating and believing
That what I still can’t see
Is right there
in front of me
waiting patiently
until I’m ready
to notice.

I’m gone
and I’m here
the same,
but always different.
and it’s hard to put this feeling into words,
so I convince myself that
perhaps there is no point
in doing so.
And I float

on words words words
that matter not
sailing my desires
towards true north
fully aligned
with this present moment

What a bliss!

And I am grateful for every breath and sound
every passing wave we found
gently caressing the hull
of this sweet abyss.

The Sun is about to kiss
the horizon, bringing yet another night
at sea

My soul is singing peacefully
with sweet melodies
of tranquility
I now found

There is so much space around!
So much to fill with joy
and birds are calling us down

There is so much to witness!

There is so much life around!
And our little boat is an integral part
of the infinite vastness of truth,
moving through the waves that found
as we cross gently
Towards the open horizon
Towards the setting Sun
Towards an undefined place
at the right pace

A pace that feels right.

We’re moving slowly
Taking time to breathe
and sing with courage
In tune with the world
we’re a part of.

As fast as the wind permits.
As fast as our dreams.

We grow

We grow and let go and move on
To finally feel at ease
At home.

And who knows…
Maybe one day I’ll find you on a journey towards a distant shore?
Being mesmerised
for a few moments more
in awe
with the everpresent water
carrying us away
Wherever we would like to go
provided that the Ocean will be kind
to our Souls
and our fragile bodies

There is no need to fear this magnificent old being.
Fear kills
by clouding hearts
with dread

Let’s Be Courage, Love and Respect,
being grateful for every breath
and every mile behind us
and in front of us
And again
Let’s sing together with the roaring wind
and dance on every passing wave
celebrating being alive
and awake
right now
right Here

we are present
pure and vulnerable,
Facing our true essence:

Being weak,
and strong enough to admit it.

adrift with purpose
and committed
to the heartbeat of the Earth
dreaming awake
tuned and reflected
in patterns
of the waves




Scan of the original text below:

Scan of the original text from my journal

22 May 2017
54°12.444 N
13°30.290 E

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