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I’m a big fan of publishing open-source documentation.

But perhaps the most important thing for me, is that creating documentation completely removes the writing block and tames my inner perfectionist. I just write about what is happening - raw and unpolished, rather than infinitely perfecting and never actually publishing.

I’ve been doing this for quite a while now, and it seems that I have become relatively decent at the craft.

Documentation world champion

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Regenerative Documentation Index

Here’s the list of some of my favourite documentation projects.

It all started as a note in Obsidian which really wanted to be published. Since my Obsidian vault is linked directly with this website , it’s actually frictionless to make this note publicly available. I guess I just can’t stop documenting 😂.

I’ll keep updating this post whenever I feel like. Feel free to share your fav documentation projects with me, either via email or in this twitter thread .

100 Rabbits

“We research and test low-tech solutions and document our findings with the hope of building a more resilient future.”

This documentation absolutely blew my mind and is my all time favourite project.


Microsolidarity is a community-building practice. We’re weaving the social fabric that underpins shared infrastructure.


The documentation map compiling guides to SEEEDS ecosystem, as well as practical roadmaps for coordinating and creating new economic systems and on-the-ground regenerative projects.


A network focused on supporting people to do meaningful work.

“The goal (of this handbook) is to give everyone in the network as much clarity and context as possible, while sharing our structures and practices with the outside world as well.”

Regenerative Renaissance Wiki

Okay, this is not really a documentation project, but more of a database of Regenerative Resources. Still, it’s worth to take a look.

The Pink Paper from Traditional Dream Factory

“The pink paper is an evolving document describing the internal functioning of the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF) - a coliving regenerative village in the process of being built”

Gaianet OS Playbook

Gaianet is a collective of mission-aligned projects and professionals who connect and unite to share knowledge and resources, find workforce and solutions for funding.

Project Kamp

“We bought this land to try something else..”

Absolutely mindblowing documentation about everything related to building a land-based community

One Army

“We create projects tackling global problems. And anyone can join!”

One Army includes a couple of projects with absolutely stellar documentation

I’ll keep updating this post whenever I feel like. Feel free to share your fav documentation projects with me, either via email or in this twitter thread .

I’m available to help

If you’d like some help with starting / growing your documentation project, I’m available to help. I’m a natural documentarian fluent in multimedia creation, storytelling, and online education. Let’s talk.

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