I’m a storyteller.

That doesn’t make me special, because who isn’t a storyteller these days.

Still - I keep creating stories, in a form of words, pictures, and videos.

I’m interested in stories about these powerful moments of connection when the universe aligns, and everything seems to make sense (for once), and no words are needed.

I’m sure you experienced some of these.

For me, they usually include raw awe-inspiring nature, heart-to-heart conversations, playful joy of being alive, and a state of presence which my neighbour Witch refers to as Being. I like to create these moments and then share stories to inspire others and send ripples into the world.

My work imperfectly captures moments when magic happens, by transforming them into letters and newsletters, (spoken) poetry, articles, documentation projects, as well as Moonly videos and reviews. This last creation is the best way of hearing from me every Moon Cycle, so we can get to know each other better over time.

If you like the vibe of my work, and, ideally of myself, you might be delighted to hear that I could indeed (co-)narrate the stories you have to share with the world. If that’s something you’d like to explore, [send me a note]. Alternatively, if you’d rather start with some ideas from my kitchen, make yourself comfortable and have a look at the [menu].

And now…

There is still some time left in your day. What is something that brings you enjoy that you’d like to experience?

Tell me all about it when we meet next time.

In the meantime - Bon Voyage,