Waiting At Peter's

Peter’s Cafe, Port of Horta
22 November 2021

I’m sitting in the iconic sailing bar in the island of Faial before taking a ferry across to Pico. I filled my body with a way-too-sweet-but-still-delicious chocolate cake and begun writing this letter. It wasn’t clear to me to whom it is directed to, so let’s say that it is for you – to receive in this very moment. Thank you for holding the space for me. I appreciate it.

I just came back from the Mainland yesterday, but the backpack containing all my gear didn’t.

It’s quite frustrating to be walking around in the rain with a plastic bag holding a few items I took with me on the plane: my journal and tablet, a deck of tarot cards, headphones, headtorch, a folder with some documents and empty sheets of A4 paper, a poncho made of Serra-de-Estrela wool, a water bottle, a thermal cup, two carabiners, plus the clothes that I’m wearing. It’s a combination of items that tells a lot about me.

As I’m waiting for the airline to call me to arrange the drop-off of my backpack which arrived to Faial just in time to get the 1415 ferry to Pico (which I’m writing down with the intention of manifesting it into reality), I get to practice letting go. Of course, my stuff doesn’t matter, but I do feel attached to the combination of items I have carefully assembled over the last few years of scaling down. It’d be a bitch to replace a few of them, and also, quite a lot of money – a resource that is quite scarce in my life. While certainly inconvenient, I do trust that my backpack is already on it’s way back to me, and even if it isn’t, I know that it’s just stuff – even if precious to me.

What matters is the experience of Being in the Mainland, and all the processes, internal and external, that happened during this journey, and, as well, the processes that are about to begin because of this journey. Because it does indeed feel like the beginning of another cycle. I can feel that something deep has shifted within me, something cracked and opened, some subconscious pattern (or patterns) were overwritten.

If this is the beginning though, I feel that it’s worth inquiring “of what?” I don’t know that yet, but if I’d have to look for some words, I’d lean into letting go of fears holding me back, dreaming big, and manifesting these dreams into reality with an open heart shining with light. Yes, that feels good to write down and now say it out loud to you. No Fear. Dream Big. Manifest. Shine. I left an empty page for setting the intentions during the Full Moon, because I wasn’t clear on them yet. I guess this is the time to write them down.

I did, and as I was sensing into what to write next, I receive the phoneceall. My backpack is in Horta and it will be delivered to the ferry terminal on time to get the 1415 ferry to Pico. No Fear. Dream Big. Manifest. Shine.

I guess this is the reason why I felt like writing this letter. Six powerful words are now engraved into my mind to remind it, what my heart already knew. No Fear. Dream Big. Manifest. Shine.

I have two hours until the ferry. It’s time to engage in a few errands and then come back to the island that is now my home and begin the new cycle of my life. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

No Fear. Dream Big. Manifest. Shine.

With Love and Light,

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