Walking Home

I’m walking back into myself
after taking a moment to look
far far far far far away

seeing the stars brightening
me with their light

noticing parts
oh so many parts

they are all here with me
waiting to have their turn at speaking

and frankly, it’s quite awkward
to hear all of them at once

they seem quite contradictory
some of them have a very good sense of humour
but others are just fucking angry all the time
and you can’t have much of a conversation
or at least not an intelligible one

But here I am sitting with all of them
and it’s fine

it’s okay

I’m alright

I’m brightened by light
and it feels good to be standing here
watching the ocean fade into the night
under the stars

they are so bright the stars

Walking Home is inspired by a moment with a friend, when we realised that in spite of what numerous demagogic voices of reason inside each of us claim sometimes: it is actually fine.

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