We Will Have to Wait and See, Right?


After three years together, my Lover needed space to explore who she is on her own. We loved each other very much, but while I’ve had the blessing of self-discovery travels for many years, she moved to live with me straight from living with her parents. It was painful to let her go, but I knew the importance of the journey that was calling her soul.

Here’s a rap song I made for her.

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From the very beginning
To the very end of my soul
Here are some words for you:

Are you there?

On the other side of this planet,
Living your life, walking the path that is in front of you…
Is there still space in your backpack to fit my heart
Which keeps beating with Energy
Which I used to share with you everyday?

Are you okay?

So many questions,
But I guess it is to be expected of me.
After all I used to get the answers immediately
Every time when I felt you next to me Breathing,
Painting the air with sounds of love and joy
And every other thing that we have experienced
Since our souls touched for the very first time.
When we still didn’t know each other.
Before I drew a path into your soul
Wanting so much to get to know you
And explore if you and me
Can share Something
Which will change how we understand Love
Until this very breath.

Can we still connect on the same level
Or beyond? Outgrow what we used to know
With no before and no future
Only the present of Today
When I think of you,
When I miss you
When I am so happy to be apart to realize
That you are such a huge part of my life.

And my soul and my thoughts
And my whole body is happy walking on its own path
Knowing that connection which we have
Is the most significant connection
Which I have experienced in the past until now.

And the future is always open
And I hope that our paths will meet
And our souls will touch and see each other.

And who knows?
Maybe we will grow?
Maybe we will grow together?
I wish I could know, but that’s a trap
And at this very moment
I am Here and you are
Somewhere Else understanding
Who we are when we are apart
So if we ever get back
We will only be stronger
And more loving.

Who knows?
We will have to live and see.


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