You Are Essential

Note: this letter was inspired, and is dedicated to all the wonderful humans (and whales) of Diatom DAO.

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Forest on a Magical Island,
home to many whales
New Moon, December 2021

Wholehearted Greetings to You, Dearest Being of Light!

I’m feeling humbled by the feeling that you are in this very moment, connecting with me, through this simple, yet powerful medium - a letter. I’m writing it in the old-fashioned way – on paper, with a pen, which is one of the best way I know to open my heart and speak freely.

You see, a friend just pointed out to me, that many rules that we follow are written on sand. We know that, yet, at times, struggle to finally move on towards alternatives. Seeking requires courage. And sometimes it is something I lack.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit to lacking courage, but in the same time, it’s in fact the most precious moment – the realization, the shift of perspective, and expansion of awareness, which by bringing uncomfortable truths to the surface and making them explicit, actually facilitates the first step towards something new.

The first step is the most difficult one to take. It might feel impossible to do. It might feel like being blindfolded while looking for something in a vast and hazardous space. It certainly is a challenge, however, it feels like the right thing to do, intuitively.

Take that step. Then take another one.

This really is a reminder to myself, rather than anything else, and I’m grateful for you holding the space for that process to happen.

A few weeks ago, I was reminded to DREAM BIG and then MANIFEST THESE DREAMS. The world is in a strange space of transition and it is up to all of us to let go of the rules written on sand, dream alternatives and take steps toward them.

Plan trees. Remove plastic from the Ocean. Cultivate biodiversity. Be kind. Be brave. Rewrite patterns of culture imprinted onto us, and regenerate this wonderful planet that has been so kind to us and all the other species - each of them essential in their own unique way for the entire Community of Life.

What’s encouraging is that we can indeed choose to do it.

We are so incredibly priviledged to be in that position, but also, it’s worth noticing that this privilege brings responsibility. We can choose to remain blindly trusting into the sand-written rules that enslave us and destroy the world, or let go of convenience and courageously pioneer a shared dream of a beautiful planet where all beings can thrive. The choice is, as always, up to us, and it’s a continuous process, rather than a one-off moment. But you know all that already. You are ready and you are taking the steps.

All I really wanted to remind you is that we can all manifest a wonderful place to live. We have a critical mass, technology, skills, resources, and blessings of all the Beings, visible and invisible, who wish us well. All we need to do is shine. So shine., and let’s spread the Light and let it ripple thought the Universe and beyond. You are an essential part of this process, and we need you.

Stay courageous and beautiful.

Thank you for Being.

With Love and Light, as always,

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