Let's Make A Book For Your Organisation


Why books?

Books are far from dead. They are tangible artefacts distilling the vibe, knowledge, and work of your organisation into a physical item sending ripples into the world.

The physical nature of books ensures creative constraints helping you focus on the most important information to communicate. There’s nothing stopping you from turning it into an infinitely expanding digital ecosystem afterwards. Still - a book is a book. It just feels different than a website, doesn’t it?

This is not just about the book, though…

The Process


There is a very tangible magic in the air that emerges when people gather to create something together in the same physical space. We are after that magic, topped up with a very special ingredient:

Serious Fun.

Play is at the core of the creative process I offer. Play opens up limitless creativity, removes performance anxiety, and creates the unique shared experience that will transform your team into a humming super-organism. The book that will emerge from that state will reflect that.

Shall we make yours?

Choose your adventure 🧭

📒 Let’s make a Zine

I’ll take your team on a facilitated journey resulting in a short magazine.

A couple of Zines from the past:

📕 Let’s make a Handbook

I’ll take your team on a facilitated journey, resulting in a crystal clear, concise, and delightful handbook for your organisation.


📖 Let’s make a “Proper” Book

The BIG offer. We’ll gather for a mastermind, resulting in a beautiful book, serving as an epic artefact for your super-aligned team. And hey, since you have a book now, you might use it to show your work in spaces where you seek to create impact.


Cover of the book

This 174 pages illustrated book was co-created by a multidisciplinary team of 28 regenerative pioneers during an 11-day mastermind, which I had the pleasure of facilitating.

It weaves together lineages of wisdom and practical experience from a worldwide tribe of regenerative village builders - serving as an emergent base of knowledge, as well as actionable blueprint, encouraging the transition towards a regenerative way of living.

I’ve documented the creation process live in this twitter thread.

Let’s make you a book!

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What you accomplished with the mastermind is INCREDIBLE. We always tell people how gifted you are at facilitating and keeping the energy flowing. We don’t know anyone who could’ve done what you did.” – Laura van Wijngaarden, Liminal Village

You are my first choice when it comes to cool facilitation that can be equally fun and professional.” – Ani Anca, Traditional Dream Factory

Michał is world champion in documenting community formation processes.” – Richard Bartlett, Enspiral & Microsolidarity

About Michał

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Michał is an experience designer, multidisciplinary artist, and sailor, with over 15 years of creating spaces, experiences, and multimedia content.

He is passionate about serious fun - amplifying the work of positive-impact projects, by creating spaces for playful co-creation. Who said that transitioning towards a regenerative way of living on a planetary scale can’t be fun?

He actively contributes to Enspiral and Traditional Dream Factory, weaves a microsolidarity network in the Azores, makes cards, and works toward the Dream of creating experiences at sea aboard a fleet of tall ships and sailboats connecting regenerative villages around the world ⛵️.

I need to update my CV on LinkedIn and at some point I will. Pinky promise 🐸

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