I’m in this beautiful house and my heart feels so happy it’s a bit overwhelming. Fortunately the familiar gong sounds ground me, as my thoughts sink into the mindset of deliberate being by walking.

I let go of thinking and sink into this moment, yet another container for magic. I feel so charged with something, something powerful. I can attribute some of that to cacao in my bloodstream, but I have this intuition that it’s much more than that.

Something is happening right now.

As I walked, I opened myself. To what - I don’t know, but it feels precisely like the right kind of opening necessary to allow myself to become aware of yet another layer of knots and patterns running in the back of my subconscious mind.

I choose to set myself free.

Right in this moment, as I write these very words, right here in this place in which I feel so connected to something much bigger than myself and also this stardust, light and empty space that constitutes what I think of myself as me.

I choose to set myself free.

Free from triggers, free from scripts, and most importantly, free from Fear.

Freedom from fear is the hardest freedom to cultivate, yet, just like any kind of freedom, it’s just a mindset, and right here, right now, in this very moment, I am letting go of Fear and overwriting default behaviours with empty space.

Empty space is sacred.

It allows for new seeds, planted with Love and intention, to sprout into reality I choose to experience in this very moment followed by many to come.

In this very moment I am empty. In this very moment I am free.

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