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That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been creating experiences of different shapes and sizes, online and offline, for years.

Words That Touched Me

A friend from Traditional Dream Factory shared with me recently:

“so nice to have you part of these circles. I honor your being & presence! making things deeper and lighter at the same time”

It touched me deeply.

Here are a few other comments about my work:

“I’ve made my year in review as always to close this year. Going through my calendar, the series of events, feelings and insights that I had, I realized how much of a great impact your work had on the positive outcome of my year. I’m slowly changing to become the person I would like to be. You gave me tools for that, by putting your heart in sharing your own life and learnings openly, as a coach, as a mentor, as a person.
– Flora Koczka; Wise

“The way I move, breathe, see and hear changed drastically already and it all started through realising I am feeling disconnected and need to sense into my feet. So small but so incredibly powerful. I am beyond grateful for you all helping me realising how things can change and to what extend.
– Alina Manko; Enspiral & Open Collective

“After reading your newsletter this week I wanted to encourage you about the wonderful journey I see you following. (…) I do see a genuine heart wanting to help and serve people. Your life choices are influencing others to live a more mindful and wholesome lifestyle. – Claire Ducharme

The Routine Bootcamp was a very impactful way to reflect on my routines and get the support I needed to change them. Sharing with others helped me understand my needs better, and helped with accountability and motivation. This was such a great way to get over roadblocks and improve my life!” – Irem Tumer, UNFPA

“I am DEEPLY grateful for your program. I am on day 140 of yoga daily and day 74 of meditating every day. It’s making such a difference in EVERYTHING.”
– Cathy Hutchison; Idibri & Your Visual Journal

“The structure of the calls is highly effective. The facilitation brilliantly mixes different ways to participate so that whether you are creative or logical, extroverted or introverted, quick to react or slower to process, there is space for you. I find these calls so valuable that I have adapted the format to use with the group that I am mentoring.” — Cathy Hutchison, Founder at Your Visual Journal

“When we formed this Writers’ Smart Pod I did not expect that our first six weeks of Zoom meetings would be so insightful, energy-giving, and productive. You designed the program with enough flexibility to meet our particular needs and working preferences, and the right amount of structure and guidance for us to form an effective cohort to move our projects forward. More important, as you have pointed out, are the relationships we have formed.

I’m happy with what I’ve produced and the breakthroughs I’ve had. Now I wouldn’t want to continue with my project without these guys on the path with me. This is the most valuable and satisfying working group I’ve been a part of in a long time. I heartily encourage anyone who is thinking of working with you to just do it, for the creative and productive value and for the positive experience.” – Deanna Vogt; Executive Coach

Thank you 🙏