I create experiences where magic happens, weaving In-Real-Life spaces with Creation and Play.

My role is to create a space where people feel safe to play.

Through embodying full presence, modelling behaviour, and open-hearted connection, I tune the group into a harmonious super-organism encouraging co-creation of magickal moments and tangible artefacts from the place of playfulness. Play is the ultimate flow state. And I’m all about Serious Fun.

In my work I combine over a decade of experience with facilitation in diverse contexts and multidisciplinary arts (performing, visual, narrative, and more).

Books for Positive Impact Organisations - a creative playground for your team resulting in a humming team and an artifact sharing your project with the world.

Alternative Wedding Ceremonies - celebrating the love union through a profound ceremony.

Pico Cabin Residency - personal regeneration retreats in Pico Island, Azores.

Experience Design Consulting - facilitation wizard at your disposal.

Wizard at Your Event – reach out at michalroots@proton.me or twitter and let’s talk how we can play.


What you accomplished with the mastermind is INCREDIBLE. We always tell people how gifted you are at facilitating and keeping the energy flowing. We don’t know anyone who could’ve done what you did.” – Laura van Wijngaarden, Liminal Village

You are my first choice when it comes to cool facilitation that can be equally fun and professional.” – Ani Anca, Traditional Dream Factory