I (co-)create spaces and experiences where magic happens.

Pico Autumn Community Gathering
I created the program and co-hosted the gathering.
Pico, Portugal, October 2021

Bruno & Vera Wedding Ceremony
I’ve had the honour to perform a wedding ceremony, and I can’t wait to do more of it.
Lisboa, Portugal, October 2021

Slam Jam
I co-created an event merging a ritual, jam session, and a poetry slam.
The Globe, Pico, Portugal, July 2021

Ouroboros Açores Entre Mares Festival, Lajes, Portugal 2021

Enspiral Europe Connection Experiment Online 2021

Pico Community Summer Gathering, Pico, Portugal, May 2021

Year of Practice, Online, January - December 2021

Pico Sharing Circle, Pico, September 2020 - October 2021

Sailcubator, Poland, July 2017

Parallel, Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2016

Oasis, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015

Radio Ion, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2015

20+4/11.DR1651F1, Casa del Cine, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012

Do You Like Blue?, Casa del Cine, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012

Magic Spells, Krakow, 2011