27 November 2021 🌗

Dear Santa,

I am in a privileged position of my basic monthly expenses being more or less covered by my online business, at least for now.

It wasn’t easy to get here.

It took four years of being constantly challenged by the entrepreneurial learning curve. One of the biggest difficulties revolves around money. In a nutshell: I feel very little alignment with the current capitalist system and I’d like to embody a different paradigm.

But that isn’t easy when I depend on my own business to bring income. On one hand I am fully committed to release products that genuinely enrich lives and contribute to co-creating a beautiful planet where all beings can thrive. On the other, I feel pressure to make enough to pay the basic expenses. With the entrepreneurial world saturated with content prioritizing making more money rather than why and how aligned, it’s been hard to stay grounded and maintain a relatively steady course aligned with what my heart believes in.

But it’s been kinda working lately, and I feel that my work is tuning in more and more with my values, while bringing in enough financially to sustain my basic needs, and leaving more time and energy to give freely to work that matters that I don’t want to charge for within the capitalist economy.

Because, I deeply believe that not everything should be monetized.

Regenerating the land.

Healing oneself and others.

Sharing the Light to inspire and encourage more people to enter into the upwards spiral of the beautiful world that our hearts know is possible 1.

These are my priorities, and while I’m committed to this path anyway, I could certainly use your help. That’s why I’m writing this letter to ask you for a Gift.

As a minimalist on a constant journey to have less items and more space, I learned that offering a gift is a beautiful but challenging art. For example, for a long time my family kept giving me stuff, which while being given from the heart and therefore appreciated, was, generally speaking, useless for me and only created unnecessary clutter.

What I learned through this process is:

a) experiences generally make much better gifts for me.

b) it is my responsibility to communicate clearly which gifts are the most aligned with what my heart points me towards right now, instead of expecting another person to know that intuitively.

This letter is an externalisation of these two lessons in a form of a public wishlist, supported by a firm belief that there is plenty of abundance of different sorts all around, and that within the Gift Economy (which we are indeed all a part of) the gifts gravitate towards the place where they are needed most.

I’m not saying that the items on my list are universally speaking the biggest voids in the universe waiting to be filled. I already have all that I need. However, it is possible that you are in a position to fill these voids for me, and thus make a real positive impact in my life, and, through ripple effect, the lives of others.

Whether that’s the case or not, I’m grateful for your presence, and I wish you wonderful Winter Holidays, whichever and whenever you choose to celebrate.

With Love and Gratitude,

ps. The List is here

  1. I borrow the term “beautiful world that our hearts know is possible” from the wonderful book by Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition

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