To Kiks


This letter is the first I wrote, on my Gratitude Mandala journey – expressing gratitude to all beings that I feel grateful for in my year.


30 December 2021

Dear Kiki,

I’m writing this letter to you, while you chill on my back. It’s noticeably colder today and I’m grateful that you are so committed to being as close as possible to me, whenever I’m sitting or lying down, like I am right now.

I’m doing this thing of writing letters to people that I feel very grateful for in 2021, and as I’ve been reflecting on that list, I’ve noticed that you are missing. You are not a person, but it’s obvious to me that I should rename my list to “Beings I’m grateful for”. And you are certainly one of them.

I absolutely love our co-living arrangement. It’s wonderful to feel your presence and play around with you. You brought me so much laughter when you were climbing the ladder, chilling with your body rolled into a pretzel, or simply being. You are activating a part of me that I love seeing more and more - playful, present, connected with myself and agile. I feel like you have a lot to teach me, and I’m grateful that you choose to live with me. Ultimately you are free, and that makes me happy. I guess this is obvious to you, but in the human world we’re conditioned to say nonsense like “my cat”. For some reason we claim ownership on another being, which I find, frankly speaking, ridiculous.

You are your own being, and you are free to be here with me, or, if you choose, go somewhere else. I’d of course miss your presence, but I’d be okay. In the meantime, I’m happy to provide shelter, company, and food, and all the space you need to explore and live. I admit that I’d love to experience a day as your shadow once, to see what you are doing when you’re in the forest. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a chance. In fact, it seems like a perfect adventure to embark on: to be a cat’s shadow. I’m sure I’d learn a lot.

For now though, I’d just like to tell you one more time that I’m super grateful to have met you and watch your growth from a little cub who came on my lap immediately, to this wonderful healthy young adult that you now are.

I wish you all that is most beautiful for you in the coming year, although I have limited understanding of what it might be.

Thank you for Being,

ps. I’m also grateful for the name I channeled for you. It really does suit you, you little cheeksto.

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