📖🎉 Unexpected Birthday Letter

What you’re about to read could use three sentences of context.

I felt stuck with the direction for JournalSmarter, so I decided to write a letter to it. I’ve been recently reconnecting with writing letters, which is one of my favourite things to do. I hope that what this one helps to create will bring you as much joy as it does to me as I finish writing these words of introduction, after reading the whole letter you’re about to read.



The Cabin, 8 December 2021

Dear JournalSmarter,

It’s your third birthday, if I remember correctly, and I felt that it is a perfect opportunity to write you a letter. I don’t think I ever wrote to a brand, but strangely it doesn’t feel weird at all. Let’s see what happens.

I’m writing to you because I’m struggling to figure out what do you want to be. Since I’m one of your parents, I feel responsible to equip you with everything you need to unfold your wings and fly. I’m totally in your corner. In fact, I’m deeply linked with you and you’ll always be a part of my identity, even if our paths might separate one day.

I was actually pondering today, as I was walking in my favourite part of the Island, if we should part. It was a precious realisation that we indeed can. I’m not enslaved by you in any way. In fact, I choose to give my energy to you and continue on this path, at least for now.

But, I admit, I’m confused about what’s next.

Are you?

I’d really love to connect with you and feel into what do you want. I know that it’s not just about me, and in fact, the best results are the co-created ones.

So… Would you like to share?

Well… That’s unexpected question to answer. I guess… No, I feel that the name doesn’t resonate with me very much. It’s a good, solid name, but it doesn’t represent accurately what I want to be, which is intuitive journaling. Intuition over mind. Being connected instead of being smart. You get my drift? There’s nothing wrong with smartness, but you know very well that mind plays tricks, and often disconnects you from what your heart knows.

I see your point. The word “intuitive” has been important for me lately, and intuition is definitely something I’d like to explore more. And I mean it, not as just yet another thing I say I’d like to do. This is for real.

And journaling plays an important role in that process.

In fact, it’s one of the most effective practices that I do consistently that reconnect me with myself and therefore my intuition. My journal is something I always carry with me. Seriously, people laugh at me, that I always carry my backpack, but I just don’t want to leave my journal behind wherever I go. It’s a physical reminder that I can always access any part of myself. Of course, I don’t really need my journal for that, but it’s a gateway that makes it much, much easier.

That makes sense. Now, imagine what the world could be like if a lot of people would act from a place of being grounded, aligned and connected with themselves. Whenever you’re grounded you can face any challenge with peace and kindness. You can stay clear on your path and don’t get distracted. You can sense-make your experience and filter signal from noise, and consciously decide what to do with it.

In a nutshell, being connected with yourself is a powerful state and it shapes whatever it is that you’re creating with your life. What you do matters, but who you are matters too. Journaling is a daily check, showing you who you really are, on an ongoing basis, which is a precious gift.

Do you know why?

Awareness informs action. I’ve experienced that numerous times when connecting with myself on the pages of my journal. But I’d like to focus our conversation on what you want to become.

I feel that you have something more specific to share on that. I’d really love to hear it!

I’ll get there, but first, an unexpected curve ball.

I know that you like documenting the process of making beautiful ideas happen. That’s essentially a form of public journaling. You log your process, sense-make your experience, and share it with the world. And people appreciate that, because what you are documenting is important to be documented.

It’s not about the format, it’s about what the format allows.

Journaling is a format for self-connection. For cultivating deep self-awareness. For sense-making. For constantly becoming a beautiful person.

There are thousand ways, or specific formats if you’d like, for how this can be done, and this is your freaking superpower – you can turn anything into a journaling practice and share it in a clear and actionable way that’s fun to do. You’re creating games. Journaling Games. That’s a good name, by the way, keep a note of it, but don’t get too attached, okay? It’s not about the freaking name. It’s about what journaling allows – realigning daily and moving forward on the path no matter the challenge.

Now, here’s another important component, so pay attention – this process can benefit anyone, but you’ve learned the hard way that in the digital world this doesn’t work. But it’s not just about for specific target audience you define through some marketing framework, but about people who resonate with the vibe you are creating.

Let me tell you about my vibe.

It’s a vibe of play. Kindness. Making the world a better place, starting today and continuing tomorrow. It’s a vibe of joy and appreciating life for the beauty the world showers us with everyday. It’s a vibe of encouragement to keep going, especially when it’s hard. It’s about encouraging people to shine. You know how to do this. You are already doing it. You always were. So why do you feel so stuck? Because, here’s the punch – you actually aren’t.

Hmm… Thank you for saying that. I wasn’t expecting it, but then again, I wasn’t expecting to write a letter to a brand I’ve created. I feel like laughing for a bit, so I will, I hope that’s okay.

In fact I’ll take a moment to move my body a little bit, because I really need it. It’s beautiful to notice that as I write this I’m becoming more and more connected with myself. Thank you for that. That’s the magic of writing letters.

(He dances.)

It’s funny.

Whenever I start dancing good things happen.

I feel much, much clearer on what is your vision for yourself.

A playful reminder to journal.

An inspiring guide showing not only what you can do with your journal (so you are excited about it), but also what is the magic that happens when you stay connected with yourself, which journaling helps you do regularly.

A community of people encouraging each other to co-create a beautiful world where all beings can thrive, with a funky, creative, loving, and playful flavour.

An infinite game worth playing and inviting others to play.

The rest is figuring out some technical details of how to set it all up. Luckily, I’m going to talk to someone who can help me with this tomorrow. How wonderful.

I guess that concludes my letter to you.

Happy Birthday, JournalSmarter!


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