The phone life
is definitely not
the life I want to live

Okay, so what is
the life I do want to live,
and, in case it is not
precisely the life I am living,
then why am I not living
the life I want?

The truth is
that I can
and the only thing
stopping me is myself
which is actually a scary thought
because why would I
sabotage myself
and sacrifice my own wellbeing
for other stuff,
from which at least a chunk
is crap.

It is indeed a mystery
and to relieve myself from misery
I am pausing myself right now
to ask:

What is the life I want to live?

And, in case it is not
precisely the life I am living then
why is that?

I can change all on a whim
all it takes is to face the storm


“Within” came out as I was waiting in a sailors bar, pondering on two important questions: 1) why am I not sailing as a lifestyle, and 2) why sailors who enter the bar are not wearing big flamboyant hats.

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